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   InJoy Firewall™


The Ultimate Multi-Platform Software Firewall

With InJoy Firewall™ version 4 you can say good-bye to old-generation Firewall solutions that were difficult to implement, manage and measure — InJoy Firewall™ is different...

This multi-purpose Firewall readies you for the future through Deep Packet Inspection, unique MULTI-PLATFORM support, and market-leading IPSec VPN support. Its unparalleled network monitoring turns you into an SECURITY PROFESSIONAL with unique real-time insight into any network activity.

Introducing InJoy Firewall™ version 4

Complete All-In-One Solution The InJoy Firewall™ is a flexible firewall security solution for organizations of all sizes. It offers enterprise-class next-generation security, preconfigured policy templates - including full customization options, seamless IPSec VPN integration, superior gateway capability, intuitive management, access control, a wealth of documented deployment examples, unmatched control, and comprehensive documentation.

Multiple Operating System Support
Migrate to a standards based, multi-platform, networked architecture to streamline your enterprise, reduce costs, and facilitate rapid future expansion.

Windows Firewall  |  Linux Firewall  |  OS2 / ArcaOS / eCS Firewall
License Types The InJoy Firewall™ delivers universal flexible quality features in a way accessible to most people and industries, from the knowledgeable home-user to the largest enterprise. Check out the license types to select the version that's right for you.

InJoy Firewall™ - Enterprise Edition
InJoy Firewall™ - Professional Edition
InJoy Firewall™ - Personal Edition

The InJoy Firewall™ solves the overwhelming problems related to managing multi-vendor, multi-platform security applications and devices. Finally it is possible to deploy the same level of cross-platform unified end-point security and backbone infrastructure throughout the organization.
InJoy Firewall Multi-Platform

InJoy Firewall™ FAQs


These FAQs include quick answers to some of the most commonly asked questions regarding the InJoy Firewall.

Select a topic on the left and a list of relevant questions will appear.

For more information about the InJoy Firewall, refer to the online documentation

The Evolution Continues

Future-proof deployment

The InJoy Firewall™ readies customers for the future through powerful next generation firewall technology, Linux support and easy-to-deploy cross-platform unified VPN capability.

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Easy Administration

IT administrators are busier, and embrace more technologies, than ever before. The InJoy Firewall™ targets these busy professionals and is designed to offer relief and effectively release IT resources.

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Highlighted Features:

  • Multi-Platform support
  • Full Windows Vista support
  • 64-bit Windows XP support
  • Local/Remote GUI
  • Deep Packet Inspection
  • Stateful Inspection
  • Intrusion Detection (IDS)
  • Dynamic Firewall Rules
  • 10+ Security Levels
  • IPSec VPN Server
  • IPSec VPN Client
  • x.509 Certificates support
  • Basic Virus protection
  • Access Control
  • Packet Filtering
  • Traffic Accounting
  • Traffic Shaping
  • Bandwidth Management
  • SafeMail (secure e-mail)
  • Web Filtering
  • Internet Gateway (NAT)
  • DHCP Server
  • DNS Forwarding
  • Port scan protection
  • PPPoE Client
  • PPTP Client
  • XP SP2+ Security Center

  • Firewall Deskbar

    Monitor threats & network activity (locally or remotely) with the InJoy Firewall™ Deskbar.
    firewall deskbar
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    Traffic Shaping

    Prioritize traffic and divide bandwidth with the fully reworked high-performance traffic shaping system.
    traffic shaping monitor
    [ Detailed image ]
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