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   InJoy Firewall™

Injoy Firewall - Access Management

Rule Based Access Control

The InJoy Firewall™ includes a powerful high-performance rule system that allows administrators to filter traffic in a number of ways.

InJoy Firewall - Rule Workshop To manage policy rules, the Firewall GUI features an easy-to-use, yet powerful editor — called the Rule Workshop.

Rule Lists

Firewall Access Control Lists (ACLs) make a powerful tool for the firewall administrator to control in a practical way how the firewall treats any IP traffic. The InJoy Firewall™ supports six groups of rules - evaluated in the following order:

  1. Whitelist rules
    Packets matching Allow rules on this list are unconditionally passed through to your Firewall PC, while packets matching NAT rules are passed on to NAT processing for further inspection. Whitelisted traffic bypass all other rule lists.

  2. Blacklist rules
    Packets matching rules on this list are unconditionally rejected.

  3. Observation List rules
    Rules on this list are created automatically by the InJoy Firewall™ System rules, in order to keep track of suspicious behavior.

  4. User rules
    On this rule list, the network administrator defines the granular access that makes up the organization-specific security policy.

  5. Traffic Shaping rules
    Rules on this list are used to prioritize traffic and impose bandwidth constraints.

  6. InJoy Firewall™ System rules
    These rules are shipped with the InJoy Firewall™ and serve as the foundation for the security levels.

InJoy Firewall - Rule Types

Real-time Rule Monitoring

A special firewall monitor called Firewall Access Rules displays the list of rules that are active for the currently running Firewall Server.

Rules from every rule list appear in the Access Rules monitor, including system rules, blacklist rules, and so forth. The icon to the left indicates the type of rule. For each rule in the monitor, you will see a name, a description, and the number of packets that have matched the rule.

InJoy Firewall - Access Rules

The Firewall Access Rules monitor also shows the dynamically created rules, enhancing your understanding of the firewall engine activity.

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Rule System Features:

  • Easy to use Rule Workshop
  • Simple & Advanced mode
  • 50+ sample rules
  • Bidirectional rules
  • Rule-hits monitoring
  • Multiple Rule Sets
  • IPSec specific rules
  • Easy import/export of rules
  • Dynamic creation of rules
  • Behavioral/adaptive rules
  • Content matching
  • Time sensitive rules
  • PRE/POST processing
  • Web wild-card filtering
  • Script execution
  • Traffic shaping
  • Traffic accounting
  • Powerful logging
  • Binary packet logging
  • Logically compund rules
  • Unlimited number of rules
  • More...

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