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   InJoy Firewall™

Injoy Firewall - GUI Administration

Firewall Administration

Firewall security is too important to be confusing. Busy professionals require low-admin technology to successfully measure, visualize and manage their networks.

InJoy Firewall - GUI Administration Efficiently manage one or more InJoy Firewall™ Servers from your desktop — locally or remotely. With platform interoperable GUI connections, you only need to learn a single tool, saving you time and costs.

Executive Overview

At the heart of InJoy Firewall™ is the comprehensive and easy-to-use InJoy Firewall™ GUI, which enables you to:

InJoy Firewall GUI

  • Visualize
    Detect anomalies and monitor bandwidth statistics. Gain real-time insight into Firewall status and network utilization.

  • Measure
    Investigate alerts and rejected traffic, monitor employees' HTTP requests, blacklisted users. IPSec tunnels, policy violations and much more...

  • Configure
    Customize security levels, create access rules, shape traffic, blacklist users, define IPSec tunnels and maintain IPSec user accounts.

  • Manage
    Enjoy the flexible set of commands and the ability to manage multiple InJoy Firewall™ Servers across platforms. Multiple instances of the GUI can run simultaneously; each of these can connect securely to Firewall Servers either locally or remotely, greatly simplifying administration tasks.


The visual appearance of the Firewall GUI is highly configurable, allowing network administrators to tailor the appearance to suit their own — or the customer's — unique computing environment and needs.

  • Visual Schemes allow you to view just the information that is important to you, thus increasing your ability to quickly detect suspicious behaviour and and minimize the impact on your desktop experience.
    Micro | Classic | Default | Enterprise Server

  • Font and Color Palettes allow you to create visual cues to distinguish GUI instances when you manage multiple firewall servers:

  • Graphical Bandwidth Monitors show the amount of data being scanned per second, giving you an instantaneous visual representation of your network's inbound and outbound traffic.

  • The Information Monitor provides accumulated data-transfer statistics, dropped-packet statistics, and firewall server uptime statistics.

  • The Active Connection Monitor provides real-time visualization of firewalled connections, including their duration, idle time, data-transfer statistics, IP numbers and port numbers.

  • The Link Watch Monitor shows the link quality by means of graphical Ping statistics. The Monitor can be configured to give an audible alert if the link disappears.


Through a series of sophisticated tools and GUI monitors, the InJoy Firewall™ provides new visibility into previously unknown activity taking place on the Internet servers:

  • The Security Alert Monitor provides color-coded real-time insight into almost any Internet activity taking place on your Internet server. The level of information shown is fully customizable and even your own firewall rules can log additional information to the security alert log.

    Note: The Firewall Security log records are expandable and as they are clicked, you will see a detailed description of the event, as well as a formatted and hex IP packet dump.

  • Other pre-configured Log Monitors measure the success rate of your security policy. Use the dropped packet log to see why individual packets are rejected; use the rejected TCP connection log to keep track of security policy violations; use the accepted TCP connection log as an access audit log. Also logged are hosts that are rejected by the dynamic blacklisting feature.

InJoy Firewall - Log Monitors

  • The HTTP Request Log measures the use of the http protocol and allows the network administrator to keep track of both incoming and outgoing web requests.

    Letting employees know that the corporate policy is to log all web surfing, is often all it takes to completely prevent an otherwise sensitive problem.

  • IP packet tracing directly from the desktop folder provides the network administrator packet-level insight into the traffic stream being processed by the Firewall. Through a drop-in firewall rule and an easy-to-use trace tool (ipformat), this feature quickly becomes indispensable.

  • The firewall rule monitor allows you to keep track of your regular firewall rules and also the dynamically created rules — including their match count and description.

  • Other plugin-specific monitors allow you to measure the operation of the individual plugins. For example, keep track of the IPSec tunnels and their users, active DHCP Server leases, NAT users and their individual data-transfer statistics, etc.

One of the best ways to keep the network safe is to regularly monitor it on a proactive basis, looking for potential problems before they can turn into big problems resulting in unexpected downtime. Nothing enables you to better do this, than the highly customizable and easy-to-use multi-platform Graphical User Interface (GUI) of the InJoy Firewall™.


The InJoy Firewall™ GUI Administration includes powerful, local/remote/cross-platform configuration of every major Firewall component:

  • The Security Level dialog offers easy access to the well-conceived set of default policy templates. These fully customizable policy templates control which InJoy system rule files are to be included in the basic security policy, which traffic shaping classes exist, whether firewall ports are to be stealthed, and whether e-mail attachments will be screened.

  • The Rule Workshop enables you to easily create Firewall rules of any type, including whitelist rules, blacklist rules, logging rules, deny rules, allow rules, NAT rules, traffic shaping rules, alert rules, account rules and more... The rule workshop can be operated both in simple and advanced mode.

  • The VPN Wizard provides a simplified, template-based interface to IPSec, allowing anyone to easily set up a VPN.

  • The IPSec Tunnel Workshop provides you full access to the IPSec security associations. Ready-to-deploy samples are included.

  • The IPSec User Administration provides easy configuration of VPN users in the simple built-in user database.

  • The PPPoE Broadband Access is set up in the PPPoE configuration dialogs, which provides easy configuration of multiple ISP profiles, demand connections and link monitoring.

  • The DHCP Server Dialog provides extremely simple configuration of a simple DHCP Server profile and associated IP pools.

Though many users will opt to configure the InJoy Firewall™ and its components using the Firewall GUI, you can edit the InJoy Firewall's configuration files using any plain-text editor, such as Notepad or a programmer's editor.


The public tolerance for badly designed software is wearing thin. bww bitwise works GmbH witnesses the annoyance everyday, as bewildered users — tired of wrestling with illogical devices — request our services. With the easy-to-use enterprise-grade management features of the InJoy Firewall™, administrators can benefit from years of accumulated field-experience:

  • Local or Remote management. The InJoy Firewall™ separates the firewall server process from the desktop management GUI application. This allows you to manage your firewall from anywhere; either locally through shared memory or remotely, over a compressed, AES encrypted and audited TCP/IP connection.

  • Manage from any supported operating system. The GUI is platform interoperable, allowing you to control e.g. a Linux based InJoy Firewall™ Server from Windows. The remote GUI license included in the Pro and Enterprise packages allows unlimited multi-platform use — with no extra licensing.

  • Simple commands to stop/restart the remote firewall server, reset statistics, and reload configurations ease the overall management.

  • Remote script execution allows the firewall administrator to start two pre-named scripts remotely, for example to save a snap-shot of the firewall logs, perform automated software installation of a new client-package, download security updates, or to perform any other administrative event:

    InJoy Firewall - POP-UP Menu

  • Quick blacklisting allows you to immediately respond to whatever suspicious behavior you encounter. For example, if a host won't stop pinging you or you think you are on to a potential hacker, simply use the Quick Blacklist feature to block that specific IP address (or a whole range of IP addresses).

Remote GUI security is ensured through a password you can make unguessably long, plus high-grade AES encryption. In addition, the firewall server remote GUI support has been specially designed as a plugin, allowing you to completely disable the code. All major GUI operations are logged and multiple failed GUI login attempts cause the offender to be temporarily blacklisted.

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GUI Features:

  • GUI is optional
  • Fully customizable
  • Easy to use
  • Platform interoperable
  • Configuration wizards
  • Remote GUI support
  • Compressed link
  • AES encrypted
  • Password authenticated
  • Remote login audit-log
  • Built-in log monitoring
  • Visual Schemes
  • Color and font palettes
  • Remote script exec.
  • Quick blacklisting
  • Real-time statistics
  • A wealth of monitors
  • Run multiple instances
  • Out-performs Web admin.
  • Minimize to tray

  • InJoy Firewall - Logview
    Bonus tool — Logview. Dedicated, stand-alone real-time monitoring of any log-file, including your own.
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