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   InJoy Firewall™

Injoy Firewall - Gateway Support

Internet Gateway Capability

With no reconfiguration of network applications, the Network Address Translation (NAT) feature provides optimized and transparent Internet access for all computers on your private network.
InJoy Firewall - Internet Gateway
InJoy Firewall - Internet Gateway
Out of the box Internet Sharing for up to 1000 computers on your private network(s) — with top performance.

Complete Internet Gateway Support

The InJoy Firewall™ is pre-configured to deliver secure NAT routing for your internal network. Simply install the InJoy Firewall™ on the computer with the Internet connection and configure the internal LAN clients to use the Firewall PC as their Default Gateway.

Internet Sharing By default, the InJoy Firewall™ is configured (but not limited) to provide NAT for the well-known reserved ranges of internal IP addresses:

  • through
  • through
  • through

    NAT works transparently, regardless of the operating system and the connection type. It supports almost all Internet protocols, including NAT-challenged protocols such as ping, traceroute, IRC DCC and FTP.

  • Seamlessly integrated InJoy NAT operates in full accordance with the chosen Firewall security policy and it is tested for compatibility with IPSec NAT-Traversal, PPPoE and PPTP.

    Comprehensive real-time statistics for the internal LAN clients is available through the NAT monitor of the InJoy firewall™ GUI:

    InJoy Firewall - NAT Statistics

    Simple DHCP Server (plugin) Configuring a full-blown DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) Server can be complicated and may require more time, then the benefit of having it might justify. To simplify the task, the InJoy Firewall™ includes an extremely simple DHCP Server Plugin, supporting assignment of all the basic DHCP parameters:

  • IP address and subnet mask
  • IP addresses of up to 3 DNS/WINS servers
  • The default gateway

    The DHCP Server installs seamlessly and is shipped with fully functional default values — just waiting to be enabled.

    InJoy Firewall - DHCP Server

  • With DHCP enabled... it suffices to enable the "Obtain an IP address automatically" in the TCP/IP configuration on the private network. The DHCP Server then takes over the responsibility of assigning the TCP/IP parameters, significantly lowering the task of network maintenance.

    Intermediate Convenience Features

    MSS Auto Adjust The MSS (Maximum Segment Size) Auto Adjust feature automatically tweaks the MSS value in the TCP connection setup, to force hosts to exchange slightly smaller TCP data packets.

    Smaller data packets prevent the extremely common MTU problems, which were mainly introduced by complex packet-enlarging features, such as IPSec, NAT, PPPoE and PPTP.

    The typical MTU problems are web pages that won't fully load, large e-mail attachments that won't transfer properly and file-transfers that stalls after the first few packets. All these problems are typically solved by this extremely powerful convinience feature.

    DNS Forwarding The InJoy Firewall™ has built-in DNS Forwarding to further simplify the configuration of internal work-stations. Simply point the internal work-stations to the DNS servers and The InJoy Firewall then forwards DNS queries on to the public DNS server addresses configured in the InJoy Firewall™.

    NAT vs. Proxy Technology

    While several viable Internet sharing technologies exist, the NAT standard has during the past few years proved itself as the prevailing Internet gateway technology.

    The alternative to NAT, is a collection of application proxies. These proxies set up two TCP connections to relay traffic between the network service and the remote user. Proxies offer some benefits, such as user authentication options and application-level control, however due to their complexity, they tend to be both bug-filled, slow and hard to maintain.

    Today's networking applications are designed to interact with NAT devices and while application proxies remain applicable for some Internet protocols, they are often seen phased out as the primary Internet sharing technology.

    For the best of both worlds, the InJoy Firewall™ uses NAT as the core Internet sharing technology and also includes several proxies, such as the SafeMail and identd proxy server.

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    NAT Gateway Features:

  • Works out of the box
  • Real-time NAT statistics
  • Transparent NAT
  • Ping/Traceroute support
  • IRC DCC, CuSeeMe support
  • Ident, FTP support
  • DNS forwarding
  • High-speed implementation
  • Standards compliant
  • Up to 1000 NAT clients
  • Client OS independent
  • Client PCs securing
  • MSS auto adjusting

  • DHCP Server Features:

  • Operates as Plugin
  • Defaults work - just enable
  • Easy-to-use GUI/text setup
  • Supports multiple IP pools
  • Remembers assigned IPs
  • Static IP assignment

  • Optimal Performance!

    NAT applies the same type of packet transformation to all packets and while it operates beneath the routing layer, it out-performs application layer proxies.

    The InJoy Firewall™ NAT implementation gets compiler profiled and hand-optimized for optimal performance. Whether it performs NAT for 10 or 1000 internal users plays absolutely no role.

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