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   InJoy Firewall™

Injoy Firewall - Product Information

Key Features
The new InJoy firewall™ delivers an accomplished range of capabilities that quite simply blows away the competition, at a fraction of the cost.


  • SafeMail, blocks, renames and/or logs executable e-mail attachments — preventing e-mail borne virus attacks.

  • Lures and Traps cause immediate blacklisting as hackers probe your ports, act suspiciously, or send you malicious traffic.

  • VPN Wizard allows even inexperienced users to deploy a VPN in minutes.

  • Traffic Shaping Idle Queues allow un-used bandwidth and CPU cycles to be utilized with no impact on interactive (or other high-priority) traffic.

  • Packet Tracing directly available in the desktop folder!
  • Easy GUI Administration
    The fully customizable Firewall desktop management GUI delivers color-coded security alerts, intuitive configuration wizards, real-time traffic visualization, AES encrypted platform-interoperable remote management, and a wealth of pre-configured log file monitors.

    Superior Protection
    In just a few minutes, your network could be protected by a solid combination of both traditional and next generation firewall technologies. It's broad-scoped security that holistically protects the business and with 10+ pre-configured security templates you don't need to be a security expert to get started.

    Access Management
    Use the Rule Workshop configuration wizard to easily create access control rules, traffic shaping rules, redirection rules, time-based rules, IPSec specific rules, whitelist rules, dynamic/static blacklist rules, pre- or post processing rules, alert rules, flexible log rules and traffic accounting rules.

    Traffic Shaping
    It takes just a single high-speed session to monopolize even the fastest connection. With traffic shaping you can ensure Quality of Service (QoS), prioritize interactive traffic, limit bandwidth for any type of traffic and even divide bandwidth between users in a group.

    IPSec VPN Support
    Set up a Virtual Private Network (VPN) with the seamlessly integrated multi-platform IPSec support. Use the intuitive VPN Wizard to easily configure a company-wide VPN or use the Tunnel Workshop to have full control of the individual security associations (for full flexibility and the best possible third party interoperability). All the latest features supported, including NAT Traversal, X-Authentication (including external storage driven authentication), RSA Signatures, x.509 Digital Certificates, high-speed AES encryption, Blowfish and NetOctave hardware acceleration. Ideal for serving as the corporate VPN Gateway or as secure VPN Client out in the field.

    Gateway Capability
    With no reconfiguration of network applications, the Network Address Translation (NAT) feature provides optimized and transparent Internet access for all computers on your private network. Rapid, trouble-free and measurable deployment is ensured through convenience features, such as DNS Forwarding, the built-in DHCP Server and NAT client statistics.

    Multiple Access Technologies
    The InJoy Firewall™ supports Ethernet connections of any type, including PPPoE, PPTP, satellite connections, DHCP served connections, wireless, or plain lan-to-lan. PPPoE users enjoy automated link monitoring, demand connections, and scripting in order to maximize the use of dynamic IP addresses.

    Technology Benefits

    The InJoy Firewall™ utilizes optional feature plugins and the latest Firewall technology to set new standards for security, usability and management.

    Modular Buy and learn how to use a single product, which then easily morphs and scales to solve your specific requirements. Plug in new features without introducing new problems and without having to worry about capacity problems, new offices, or changing network topologies. Disable unused code to minimize the code path, increase performance and prevent potential problems in "dead" code.

    Self-contained For a truly portable, mission-critical and standards-based solution, all major features — including IPSec, PPPoE, PPTP and firewall security — are implemented from the ground up using InJoy's own hardened codebase. It's comparable to hardware solutions — just less expensive, easier to install, and with all the benefits of software.

    Deployment Friendly To enable rapid enterprise deployment and ease of use, the InJoy Firewall™ supports both GUI and text file configuration. The Firewall Server process can be run invisibly in the background, directly on your desktop, or as a Windows Service. 1-minute installation - Graphical or Script Based - ensures trouble-free deployment, and swift recovery after OS re-installation.

    The InJoy firewall™ runs on a single PC, which does NOT have to be "dedicated" to the task.

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