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   IPSec Toolkit™

IPSec Toolkit, IPSec Library, IPSec sdk

Multi-Platform IPSec Toolkit for C

The comprehensive IPSec Toolkit™ delivers a complete user-land implementation of the IPSec VPN protocols, enabling embedded system vendors and Internet infrastructure providers to accelerate their development of secure connectivity solutions.

IPSec Toolkit, IPSec Library, IPSec sdk IPSec Toolkit, IPSec Library, IPSec sdk
The IPSec Toolkit is suitable to vendors that need to add standards-based security features into existing or new products, such as firewalls, access concentrators, wireless client applications, and more.
IPSec Toolkit, IPSec Library, IPSec sdk
The strong benefits of using a ready-made IPSec library include dramatic reductions to the in-house development costs, rapid time-to-market, reduced software maintenance requirements, excellent interoperability with other major vendors, and last but not least in the security business, the availability of a wide range of already proven security and management features.

IPSec Toolkit - Introduction

The IPSec Toolkit™ is tailor-made to provide third-party integrators with the flexibility to design and develop their own market-leading VPN solutions. The IPSec VPN library design focuses on a number of key issues:

Complete IPSec/IKE Solution You get a powerful quality product that integrates all the IPSec cryptography, Internet Key Exchange (IKE), authentication, interoperability and usability features required to deliver robust Virtual Private Networking.
Easy to Learn, Rapid Integration The IPSec Toolkit™ is designed to be easy-to-understand; it ships with 6 fully working sample applications and comprehensive, clear documentation. Whether you need to integrate IPSec support into an existing product or start from scratch - we have complete sample applications to speed up your development.
Field-tested and Proven The IPSec Toolkit™ has proven its robust, flexible and interoperable end-to-end VPN capability in thousands of installations worldwide. As a key component of the InJoy Firewall™ product, the IPSec Toolkit was selected by both Nortel Networks and Cisco Systems as their exclusive VPN software solution for their enterprise OS/2 customers.
Compliance with standards IPSec in itself is merely a comprehensive framework of standards. Strict adherence to these standards is the key to maintaining robust, secure and compatible tunnels with third party vendors.
Full IPv6 support The IPSec Toolkit™ supports operating on top of IPv6 networks, with full support of all protocols needed to operate a IPv6-capable IPSec tunnels: ESPv6, AHv6, IKE with IPv6 support, and more.

IPSec Toolkit - Technology Overview

With a powerful C language API, an extensive range of features and wide protocol support, the IPSec Toolkit™ offers a solid platform to rapidly integrate IPSec support into existing or new products.

Multiple OS Platform Support, Portable bww bitwise works GmbH's IPSec Toolkit™ supports multiple platforms, including Linux, Windows NT4/2000/2003/XP/Vista/9x/Me, OS/2 and FreeBSD. Being developed in C language and using an OS platform abstraction layer, porting to other Intel platforms is easy.
User-land Implementation With a user-land implementation, you avoid the complexity and limitations of kernel-mode drivers. "User-land" refers to the arena in which non-operating-system, non-privileged code operates. VPNs can operate well in user-land.
User Application Requirements The IPSec Toolkit™ operates on raw IP Packets, with MAC headers. Existing networking products are likely to have packet-level access, and if your product is developed from scratch, bww offers a separate IP packet capture/intercepting developer toolkit. By combining the Packet Intercepting Toolkit with the IPSec Toolkit™, you get everything required to make a fully functional IPSec Server or Client application. The bww IPSec Toolkit™ includes a fully working and easily compilable IPSec Server/Client template application — ready for your use.

Customer Case / Reference

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Features and Benefits:

  • Rapid Integration! (days)
  • Multi-Platform, Portable
  • User-land Implementation
  • C Language Based
  • Complete IPSec/IKE Solution
  • Standards Compliance
  • Fully working template apps.
  • Wide Protocol Support
  • Highly Interoperable
  • Both server and client
  • Fault Tolerant
  • Strong Crypto. Algorithms
  • Full IPv6 support
  • NAT Traversal
  • Powerful Authentication
  • IP Compression
  • APIs for Configuration
  • APIs for Management
  • GUI Components
  • Hardware Accelerated
  • Mission-critical stability
  • Highly Flexible
  • Not hindered by export

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