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Low-Admin Technology

Our customers are getting busier by the minute and most people in need of a network security aren't even computer professionals. They are in some other business and want to spend their time and energy on their business, not on coping with computer technology. For that reason, we design the software to be:

  • Ready out of the box, with well conceived default values

  • Intuitive to use, with careful weighing of each feature

  • GUI and Wizard based, with remote management capability

  • Well documented, with many examples

  • Deployment friendly and convenient, with easy installation

We steer carefully between the two extremes of forcing you to decide even the most trivial questions, and not allowing you to decide even very important ones. Between too much control and not enough control.

Illustrating the ease of use, the InJoy Firewall™ software, for example, does not require you to configure multiple network interfaces. We decided that each copy of the firewall in memory would deal with only one network interface - the insecure one. Since few systems have more than one interface connected to the Internet, setup is nearly always automatic and significantly more intuitive to approach than many of the more established Firewall brands.

  Intuitive Abstraction
The InJoy products offer that rare balance of excellent reliability and powerful features.

We provide all the control you need, but we don't simply drop the whole thing in your lap. Even novices find our software approachable.

The products are no bigger than it is within the capability of most people to fully master them, but on the other hand, the products are not so simple that you can't grow with them.

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