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Press Release

bww bitwise works GmbH progress update February 18, 2015

In the last couple of week we were working hard on completing our development toolsets.
Among small other updates we added or updated:
  • libtool 2.4.6
  • automake 1.14.1
  • help2man 1.46.4
  • texinfo 5.2
  • gettext 0.18.3
  • libc 0.6.6
  • gcc 4.9.2
  • poppler 0.31.0
  • yum 3.4.3
  • rpm 4.8.1
  • aspell
  • libpng 1.6.16
  • freetype 2.5.5
If you are curious in the details, please have a look at Unix Ports and RPM/YUM.
For libc a big thanks goes also to Knut St. Osmundsen. For gcc a big thanks goes also to Paul Smedley.

We are now switching to Firefox again and we hope to have a fresh beta out very soon. If you are interested to see the progress on Firefox, please have a look at Firefox for eCS (OS/2).

Shopping hunt January 2015
The hunt is over and was claimed by:
Robert Tomlinson
Cypress United Methodist Church

Stay tuned for the next hunt.

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