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Software Products

We develop a suite of cutting-edge, platform-independent, secure-connectivity software products that are ideal for both small and large businesses.

InJoy Firewall™

Our flagship product, InJoy Firewall™ represents the next generation in enterprise-class firewalls. It provides unique multi-platform technology for enterprise servers, including powerful, seamless IPSec VPN integration and Deep Packet Inspection. Our dynamic intrusion prevention solution combines static signatures with behavioral rules technology, providing the safest possible, most cost-effective, and complete security solution for customers in any industry. The InJoy Firewall™ supports both Ethernet (DSL, Cable), Dial-Up connections (on Windows), and includes PPPoE support.
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InJoy Dialer™

The InJoy Dialer™ is a completely self-contained multi-platform PPP dial-in and dial-out Internet Dialer. Through a range of mission-critical connectivity features — optimized for traditional phone lines and ISDN — it offers unattended operation and robust [24/7] connections. Next Generation Firewall protection, gateway capability, and enterprise-grade IPSec VPN capability makes InJoy Dialer™ the perfect choice for dial-up based embedded systems, mobile workers and the home-network gateway.
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Both products include similar VPN and Firewall capability, ensuring end-to-end VPN interoperability and unified end-point security over multiple access technologies and OS platforms.

Firewall Toolkits

Designed to reduce in-house development costs, bww offers multi-platform Firewall Developer Toolkits for embedded system vendors and Internet infrastructure providers. These high-quality firewall toolkits include market-leading packet intercepting driver technology and a full IPSec VPN engine.

Packet Intercepting
NDIS Toolkit
Attach to the IP Stack and Intercept IP Packets through our multi-platform Packet Intercepting / NDIS driver. The Toolkit is designed to provide third-party integrators a well tested, high-performance framework for creating new network applications.
IPSec Toolkit The multi-platform IPSec Toolkit provides rapid integration of market-leading IPSec/IKE VPN capability to your existing or new networking product. The comprehensive Toolkit is tailor-made to provide third-party integrators the flexibility to design and develop their own market-leading custom solutions.
More Developer Toolkits bww bitwise works GmbH offers a multitude of Developer Toolkits to partner companies and customers. Contact us for an offer if you need to accelerate your development of any of the these modular functions:

  • RADIUS Client Support
  • Market Leading Firewall Security
  • Simple Packet Filtering
  • PPP over Ethernet (PPPoE) Support
  • PPP/SLIP Dial-Up Control
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      Solution Objectives

    Key Applications:

    Network Protection
    End-to-End VPN
    Central VPN management
    Managed Firewalls
    Bandwidth Management
    Traffic Accounting
    Access Management
    PPPoE/PPTP Access
    Modem Dial-up
    Modem Dial-In
    Embedded Use

    Key Markets:

    Small Business
    Insurance & Banking
    ATM connectivity
    Retail/POS Terminals
    Healthcare Appliances
    Dealership networks
    Mobile Industry
    Network Testing

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