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    The DropBox client is done as a plugin for NetDrive. So as a requirement you need NetDrive.

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    NetDrive for OS/2 is a virtual file system which allows to create a virtual volume and mount various resources to the volume. Current version of NetDrive for OS/2 supports local, network and FTP resources. More Information about NetDrive can be found at the developers home.

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    PMView Pro: a versatile and fast image viewer and converter. It supports over 40 graphic formats (gif, jpg, jpeg, bmp, tiff), converts to and from them, creates thumbnails, and more.

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    DFSee is the SWISS-ARMY-KNIFE for disk and filesystem problems. It has FDISK-like displays, cloning, imaging, analysis and recovery tools with powerfull FIX commands and UNDELETE for HPFS and NTFS.

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    Qt makes software development smarter. It is a powerful plattform neutral framework that makes it easy to bring many applications to OS/2 that were written for various other plattforms.   

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