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DFSee is the SWISS-ARMY-KNIFE for disk and filesystem problems. It has FDISK-like displays, cloning, imaging, analysis and recovery tools with powerfull FIX commands and UNDELETE for HPFS and NTFS.

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As a partition-table management and recovery tool, like FDISK, LVM, Gparted etc, it works fine with any filesystem type and operating system including modern UEFI/GPT based systems. Very useful in a multi-boot environment! Directory/File browsing including file recovery is available for JFS, HPFS, NTFS, FAT(32), ExFAT, EXT2/3/4, HFS+, ISO and APFS.

Some functions like smart-cloning and smart-imaging are available for these filesystems, as well as for Linux ReiserFS The product includes a 32-bit DOS, a Windows (NT up to Windows-10) an OS2/ArcaOS/eCS version, a native Linux version that runs in the console and most X-terminals and a version that runs in the macOS Terminal or in iTerm. All versions are text-mode only, but do include a menu-system plus mouse and clipboard support for easy operation.

Using partition/filesystem image backups you can maintain complete backups, that can be restored as a whole, and also allow access to the compressed backup imagefiles (IMZ) for single-file restore using the Directory/File browser.

DFSee, is a SHAREWARE product, requiring registration and payment for actual use and support,while allowing evaluation of the full (non-crippled) product. For most purposes DFSee is a complete FDISK and (OS2) LVM replacement and a partial replacement for tools like Norton GHOST or PowerQuest Disk-Image. DFSee also includes several fix commands solving common problems and a powerful HEX sector-editing function to make other kinds of manual changes. Some of these are straightforward and easy to use, others require more knowledge and should not be used if you do not know exactly what you are doing. The professional version is for 1 technician for commercial use on an unlimited number of systems. The runtime licenses are for unattended simple tasks only. For download info and more please see here.