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ArcaOS 5.0 commercial edition

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ArcaOS 5.0 – commercial edition brings you OS/2 power and performance like never before. With support for a full range of existing and new OS/2 software, running on modern multi-core and multi-processor systems, take your OS/2 experience to the next level for the 21st century. The ArcaOS Commercial Edition is business users.

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  • Supports for a wide range of modern hardware.
  • Support for running as a guest OS in a virtual machines such as VirtualBox, VMware and VirtualPC.
  • JFS, HPFS, FAT32, and FAT16 native filesystem support.
  • Samba 4 connectivity, with Kerberos authentication enabling you to connect to Windows/Linux network shared drives and printers.
  • Many enhancements to the user interface, such as:
    1. Totally fresh look (new icons, fonts, backgrounds).
    2. New File Open Container with cross-application history, preview, and customizable look.
    3. Scalable desktop icons, up to 128×128, based on popular Linux desktop themes.
  • Time synchronization with servers around the globe.
  • Automated critical file checkup at each system start.
  • Bundled apps and utilities to make you productive right from the first boot.
  • 12 months of priority technical support and updates included.

Note: After your purchase, you will receive an email when your personalized image of ArcaOS is ready.

System Requirements for ArcaOS:

  • Intel Pentium Pro / AMD K6 or higher CPU; 64 bit CPU’s are supported.
  • 512MB RAM (2GB recommended).
  • Traditional BIOS (or fully-capable CSM for UEFI-based systems).
  • 2 GB free disk space.
  • USB 2.0-capable USB or PS/2 port for keyboard and/or mouse.
  • DVD drive (internal or USB-attached) required for installation; DVD burner required to create installation media.

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