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Technology Overview

Managing Internet connections has become exceedingly time-demanding and focus is shifting from specialized security add-on software towards more holistic solutions.

bww has developed a single software brand, integrating all the protocols, connectivity options and security features required to safely conduct business over the Internet.
As the security-market's only cross-platform unified end-to-end software solution, the InJoy products deliver the complete, open, and intuitive operation that busy professionals crave.

Unique Benefits

Corporate Benefits

By migrating to a standards-based, multi-platform, and mission critical software security solution, your business will experience a range of new benefits:

  • Superior security is realised as a consequence of having the same level of functionality at all exposed endpoints.

  • The learning curve flattens out, with support and training requirements significantly lowered.

  • Distributed software deployment becomes easy.

  • The never-ending administrative security-patch nightmare is minimized.

  • Third-party vendor interoperability issues are minimized.

  • Network reliability gains new meaning with proven technology throughout the business.

    The overall result is increased network reliability, strengthened network security and an amazing drop in the cost of ownership.

  • Software Based, Self-contained
    A hardware-like solution — yet with all the benefits of software — that is cross-platform unified, self-contained, integration tested and easily deployable.

    Simple, Easy to Manage
    Internet security is just too important to be confusing. Get a feel-good product, where features are carefully weighed to provide that rare balance between usability and advanced functionality.

    Complete Enterprise Solution
    Best-of-bread solutions for all the common networking challenges, together with a full palette of connectivity features and next-generation security.

    An Effective Protection Strategy
    Open next-generation Firewall technology with deep visibility and dynamic blacklisting of suspicious traffic gives peace of mind from virtually any Internet danger.

    Full OS Platform Coverage
    What OS platforms do you expect to be using over the next years? Chances are bww will support it, and currently we offer the exact same solution for Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista, Linux, FreeBSD and hardened legacy platforms such as OS/2® and e-ComStation.

    Powerful Modular Technology
    All core functions are developed together, as one uniform offering, and with "one-click enabled" plugins the product is easily tailored to your specific requirements — keeping the code-path tight and the user-interface clean.

    Standards Compliance
    Keep your organization flexible, by deploying open and standards-based software that offers proven interoperability with a wide variety of third-party products.

    Lower TCO
    Make VPN interoperability issues, multi-device end-point security, and multi-vendor support a thing of the past.

    Bit by bit, our company has earned a solid reputation for its professional competence and affordable enterprise-class products. We encourage you to evaluate our products, test it against any competing solutions, and discover the benefits for yourself.

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    Software vs. Hardware

    Some hardware vendors agitate that software firewalls inevitably inherit operating system vulnerabilities and thus are unable to effectively protect your network.

    This is not the case with the InJoy Firewall™. It has been designed from the ground up to operate independantly, using a low-level network device driver and by making use only of the most fundamental OS features - in exactly the same way as a hardware firewall, just with all the benefits of software.

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