openjpeg2, libiconv, man-db, createrepo, kbuild and poppler released
We released version 2.3.0-1 of openjpeg2 (C-Library for JPEG 2000), version 1.15.-1 of libiconv (Character set conversion library), version of man-db (Tools for searching and reading man pages), version 0.10.4-2 of createrepo (Creates a common metadata repository), version 0.1.9998-10 of kbuild (kbuild is a GNU make fork) and version 0.59.0-2 of poppler (PDF rendering library)
It is uploaded as rpm to the netlabs experimental repository. To install just use either yum or ANPM. If anyone prefers a zip file, this is available at the netlabs zip repo.

What's new in openjpeg2:
  • first OS/2 rpm
What's new in libiconv:
  • first OS/2 rpm
What's new in man-db:
  • first OS/2 rpm
What's new in createrepo:
  • fix amount of workers
  • fix select() issue on stdout/stderr
  • update to vendor version 0.10.4
What's new in kbuild:
  • Update sources to SVN r3236 from vendor
What's new in poppler:
  • enable the unmaintained JPXDecoder for now
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