docbook-style-dsssl, libuvc, libusb1, fonts-rpm-macros, python-rpm-macros, json-c, foo2zjs, openssl, python3.9, Qt5-base, libuv, libjpeg-turbo, grep, kbuild, jsoncpp, cmake, lxlite, wget
Rpm work:
We released version 1.79.1 of docbook-style-dsssl (Norman Walsh's modular stylesheet for DocBook), version 0.0.6-6 of libuvc (A cross-platform library for USB video devices), version 1.0.24-5 of libusb1 (Library for utilities accessing USB devices), version 2.0.5-1 of fonts-rpm-macros (Build-stage rpm automation for fonts packages), version 3.9-3 of python-rpm-macros (The common Python RPM macros), version 0.16-1 of json-c (JSON implementation in C), version 0.20201003-2 of foo2zjs (Linux printer driver for ZjStream protocol), version 1.1.1s-1 of openssl (Utilities from the general purpose cryptography library with TLS implementation), version 3.9.13-2 of python3.9 (Version 3.9 of the Python interpreter), version 5.15.2-2 of Qt5-base (Qt5 QtBase component), version 1.44.3-3 of libuv (Platform layer for node.js), version 2.1.4-1 of libjpeg-turbo (A MMX/SSE2/SIMD accelerated library for manipulating JPEG image files), version 3.8-1 of grep (Pattern matching utilities), version 0.1.9998-16 of kbuild ((kbuild is a GNU make fork), version 1.9.5 of jsoncpp (JSON library implemented in C++), version 3.20.6-2 of cmake (Cross-platform make system), version 1.3.9-7 of lxlite (OS/2 LX executable packer), version 1.21.3-1 of wet (A utility for retrieving files using the HTTP or FTP protocols)
It is uploaded as rpm to the netlabs rel or exp repository. To install, use either yum or ANPM. If anyone prefers a zip file, those are available at the netlabs rel repo or at the netlabs exp repo.

Behind the scenes
There are more projects being worked on. If you are interested in it all, please look at our GitHub repo's.
Again to be able to finish this all we urgently need more sponsors!!!.

What's new in docbook-style-dsssl:
  • first OS/2 rpm
What's new in libuvc:
  • some more fixes/changes done by Lars Erdmann
  • merged with latest upstream sources
What's new in libusb1:
  • some more fixes/changes done by Lars Erdmann
What's new in fonts-rpm-macros:
  • first OS/2 rpm
What's new in python-rpm-macros:
  • use the same location for the python.lua script as fedora
What's new in json-c:
  • first OS/2 rpm
What's new in foo2zjs:
  • first OS/2 rpm
What's new in openssl:
  • Update to version 1.1.1s
What's new in python3.9:
  • update to version 3.9.13
  • fix ticket #9
What's new in Qt5-base:
  • Release version 5.15.2 Beta 2 for OS/2
What's new in libuv:
  • first OS/2 rpm
  • some fixes
  • fixe a possible race
What's new in libjpeg-turbo:
  • update to version 2.1.4
  • resync with fedora spec
What's new in grep:
  • update to version 3.8
  • resync with fedora spec
What's new in kbuild:
  • update to latest kbuild source
  • disable output sync (-O option) completely for now
What's new in jsoncpp:
  • updated to latest version
  • resync with fedora spec
What's new in cmake:
  • update to vendor version 3.20.6
  • resync with fedora spec
  • fix a crash
  • enable system jsoncpp
What's new in lxlite:
  • enhance message 424 to print larger value, as else it might cut of some values
What's new in wget:
  • update to version 1.21.3
  • resync with fedora spec
  • fix ticket #2 (fix done by komh thx)
What's new in Chromium:

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