Self contained

Similar to hardware firewalls, the InJoy framework is designed to deliver robust, stand-alone operation, ensuring optimal performance, minimum heredity of third-party issues and perfect internal integration. The InJoy framework is built around its own hardened low-level device driver technology to allow protection at the frontier and completely prevent OS exposure to malicious traffic. The InJoy software does not rely on the host Operating System for any of the major features, including IPSec VPN Support, Firewall Security, DHCP Server support, PPPoE or PPTP. Base functionality, feature plugins and hardened low-level driver technology come together in the InJoy design to provide:
  • The best possible performance
  • Unmatched modularity
  • Quick installation
  • Superior product integration
  • OS portability
  • Security at the frontier
  • Feature interoperability
The InJoy core technology delivers a total solution and a full security strategy to our customers and by offering this technology in just a few products, we make it easy to pick the right solution.
For optimal security and mission critical reliability, all core functions of the communication platform were developed together — from the ground up — using InJoy's own hardened codebase. It's always easy to upgrade the software to meet new requirements through multiple individual product levels (Basic, Professional, etc). You download the same software whether you are a novice home-user or a top professional.

Easy to manage

Our customers are getting busier by the minute and most people in need of a network security aren't even computer professionals. They are in some other business and want to spend their time and energy on their business, not on coping with computer technology. For that reason, we design the software to be:
  • Ready out of the box, with well conceived default values
  • Intuitive to use, with careful weighing of each feature
  • GUI and Wizard based, with remote management capability
  • Well documented, with many examples
  • Deployment friendly and convenient, with easy installation
We steer carefully between the two extremes of forcing you to decide even the most trivial questions, and not allowing you to decide even very important ones. Between too much control and not enough control.
Illustrating the ease of use, the InJoy Firewall™ software, for example, does not require you to configure multiple network interfaces. We decided that each copy of the firewall in memory would deal with only one network interface - the insecure one. Since few systems have more than one interface connected to the Internet, setup is nearly always automatic and significantly more intuitive to approach than many of the more established Firewall brands.


Through one of the few truly integrated software connectivity solutions, the InJoy core technology allows us to deliver a total solution and a full security strategy to our customers. All core functions of the communication platform were developed together as one uniform offering, now providing organizations with a powerful enterprise-wide communication vehicle.
Whether you use xDSL, Cable, PPPoE, PPTP, Satellite connections, leased lines or LAN-2-LAN between corporate departments, the InJoy software offers superior corporate communication capabilities:
  • Secure enterprise connectivity. Provides easy and secure connectivity for the corporate gateway, people on the road, remote branch offices, customer locations, embedded POS or ATM terminals. You can even deploy the exact same solution, with the exact same configuration files across multiple operating systems and multiple access topologies.
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPN). Configure PPTP or IPSec tunnels through a Wizard-style GUI interface or in plain-text files if you are a busy expert. Standard compliance ensures interoperability with third party equipment from other major vendors.
  • Internet Gateway Capability. Transparent connection sharing among an almost unlimited number of internal workstations. The corporate Gateway shows statistics and allows the administrator to easily monitor as much information as your internal privacy policies define - such as web-sites visited, e-mail attachments received, etc.
  • Define detailed Access Policies. Manage network resources, even down to the specific time of day. Further features include IP traffic redirection, traffic accounting, static/dynamic filtering and logging based on almost any criteria.
  • Local and Remote Management. Manage your Firewall from the local desktop or remotely with the encrypted desktop management application.
  • Set up connections on Demand. Maintain connections under harsh circumstances or in unattended mission-critical environments.
  • Simple DHCP Serving. Automatically assign IP numbers within the company. The DHCP Server Plugin is shipped with default values. If the default values do not fit your network policy, it can be custom configured in seconds.
  • Auto-starting of external applications. Special events, such as connect or disconnect can trigger launch of external programs or scripts.
  • Scripted operation. Hooks and interfaces ensure suitability for embedded use and allows third party applications to make configuration changes on the fly.
  • Extensive monitoring capability. Monitoring of dropped connections, dropped packets, suspicious traffic, CPS rates, link statistics and uptime. When your solutions don't work and you need packet tracing facilities, look to our desktop folder.
  • Manage Bandwidth Shape Internet traffic and give priority to the important traffic, impose bandwidth contrains for less-important protocols or divide bandwidth evenly between users in a group.
  • Much more... Continuously refined since the beginning of the Internet revolution, the InJoy software has consistantly provided both enterprise and small-business customers the ultimate palette of secure connectivity features.
These are just a few of the features that our software offers and you will find many more convenient and time-saving features to ease your job.

Effective Security

Attacks by worms, viruses, trojans, and buffer overflows can corrupt or destroy your critical information assets.
Older and less sophisticated firewalls only look at a packet's header information. Each packet is examined in isolation, and is passed or rejected on its own apparent merits.
The InJoy products combine stateful inspection technology with a fine-mesh of dynamic next-generation signatures. It looks at packets in the context of the whole session of which they are a part. If something doesn't fit within that context, even if it looks fine by itself, InJoy creates dynamic rules to detect the discrepancy and acts to protect you against:
  • Targeted Hacking
  • Distributed Denial Of Service (D)DOS attacks
  • Intrusion attempts
  • E-borne Virus, Trojans, Backdoors and Exploits
  • Malicious E-mail attachments (SafeMail)
  • Protocol violoations
  • Application vulnerabilities, basic buffer overrun protection
  • Port-Scanning
Not only does the Firewall provide broad scoped protection, it also provides excellent monitoring capability to the firewall administrator. Color coded alerts and easy monitoring of dropped packets, rejected connections, accepted connections, blacklisted users and much more is pre-configured.

Modular, small footprint

One size does not fit all when it comes to network security needs. Network security personnel have been forced to buy multiple large software packages to get the few features that they really want or need. Instead of pre-packaging our solutions with different fixed configurations, each feature is a separate, loadable module. This design offers several benefits:
  • Each customer gets exactly the functionality they need today and the ability to grow tomorrow. Each of the different features offered by the InJoy products are contained in separate modules. Enable only the functional modules you need. Leave out the features you don't. It's a great way to save valuable system resources and reduce the number of potential points of failure in critical systems.
  • Code that isn't there can't be attacked. Because InJoy plugins are loaded on an as-needed basis, executable code is present only when a feature is actually in use. Thus, unneeded networking features never represent an additional security liability to users. For example, users wary of remote GUI administration capability on an exposed system can simply opt not to load the Remote GUI Server Plugin in the InJoy Firewall™.
  • Tested independently. Each InJoy plugin represents a complete unit of autonomous code. As a result, they are tested and hardened independently from one another, insuring maximum stability and security of each component.
  • Modular Convenience. Function specific topics are covered quickly and concisely in plugin-specific guides. Therefore, you don't need to wade through documentation for features that you won't use.
  • Reseller and consulting customers can elect to add value at the level that works best for them, from semi-custom configuration up to an entire private-label solution
All of the core functions were developed together, as one uniform offering. This guarantees InJoy users an integration-tested, uniquely powerful, enterprise-ready solution.


Migrate to a standard based, multi-platform, networked architecture to streamline your enterprise, reduce costs, and facilitate rapid future expansion.
The use of industry standards simplifies the task of interconnecting products from multiple vendors. This smooths the transition from your current security to the new Injoy based security design.
In areas where standards make sense, the InJoy software is totally standards-based. This means it is completely interoperable with other standards based system and that your business has options.
Using our products, you can create a secure, scalable network that is protected from hostile activity from end to end regardless of your method of connectivity.
Standards based IPSec technology provides capability of building VPN's and secure channels — allowing corporations to deploy it either as a VPN Gateway or as a secure VPN Client.
Running on any standard Intel platform, the InJoy products can be easily installed on readily available hardware, which can be upgraded as your Internet requirements expand.

Avoid Administrative Nightmare

One of the key-objectives is to provide a solution that makes is possible for everyone to easily inter-connect and secure multiple OS platforms, without having to:
  • Learn a multitude of products.
  • Compile kernels.
  • Study different sets of documentation.
  • Deal with different interpretations of standards.
  • Seek support from multiple vendors.
  • Be concerned about constantly having to install new updates.
If you have ever tried to configure a full-featured VPN or a common security policy over multi-vendor devices and access technologies, you know the staggering challenge it can be. Not only will you have to identify proper products, ensure proper licensing and finally set up a matching configuration, you will also have to ensure that the solution is fully interoperable, supported and scalable. Ultimately, problems may be discovered with the potential to completely prevent the project.
Even though these problems might initially impose only a slight inconvinience, then we have dealt with thousands of customers that repeatedly faced interoperability issues, multi-platform concerns and capacity limitations. With that background, it's no wonder these issues receive particular focus within bww bitwise works GmbH and we believe there is potential for significant savings in the total cost of ownership by deploying the standards-based and multi-platform InJoy software.